Organizations are amassing a tremendous amount of data insight that can increase sales, profitability, and productivity. But, this depends entirely on if you know how... We turn data into actionable insights and transform information into a strategic asset that will help you develop greater value and results.


    Our innovative business model where a client only pays for deliverables allows us greater flexibility to ensure our clients get exactly what they need.

    Revenue Growth

    Mission: 5:1 ROI

    We help companies harness the enormous potential of their customer data to both build profitable relationships with customers and to transform their marketing and sales strategy. Our analytics experts start with business opportunities that increase sales as well as create real value and differentiation.

    Agile Finance

    Mission: Help Businesses Make Profitable Decisions

    We help CFOs communicate more effectively with C-level counterparts through data. CFOs and finance organizations have access to a tremendous amount of data — for instance, transactional data produced from PoS systems or bank deposits, consumer behavior data, operational data, and more. 


    We help CFOs quickly uncover insights because the quicker they can make insight-driven decisions and take action, the more they can improve the company’s performance

    Operation Excellence

    Mission: Value-Driven Processes

    Coupling analytics with inventory management, contract management, customer service, and granular visibility into procurement enables companies to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


    We help our clients to translate data-driven insights into tangible changes in operation processes, sustainable impact, and quick wins.


    We've got a top notch team!

    Revenue Growth

    Value Creation

    Whether clients are looking for help with a specific marketing and sales challenge or seeking to build a program for capitalizing on data to drive value for their business, we offer these services:

    • Customer analytics
    • Customer segmentation
    • Customer life-cycle management
    • Pricing and promotions optimization
    • Recommendation systems
    • Google analytics

    Agile Finance

    Agent of Change

    CFOs can use our solutions to drive high performance in a finance organization with:

    • Financial analysis as service
    • Robust driver-based forecasting and budgeting
    • Strategic and tactical metrics
    • Financial and operational reporting
    • Data management

    Operation Excellence


    We work with clients to identify deficiencies in their processes and design data-driven solutions that create efficiencies and profitability. Our analytics approaches, tools, and solutions cover all core areas, including:

    • Inventory management
    • Purchasing
    • Demand forecasting 
    • Assortment optimization
    • Customer service

    Onsite Training

    Knowledge Transfer

    Rather than using sample data sets and training scripts, we will use your existing data sets and business problems as the framework for teaching everything from fundamentals through advanced techniques. This ultra-relevant approach maximizes your team’s engagement and retention, while simultaneously solving your first wave of business problems.


    If you are ready to pull insights from data but know that analytics is not a core competency of your business, we can help with our innovative business model that allows you to pay for deliverables only.

    Financial Analysis As Service

    As part of our services, we:

    • Provide financial support for corporate finance and/or business units, including annual planning, monthly budgeting and forecasting, as well as ad hoc analyses
    • Monitor and communicate progress toward achievement of financial objectives (forecast versus actuals); oversee monthly Profit and Loss (P&L) reviews; cash, forecasting, management, and variance;
    • Support the business groups in managing their spending budgets, 
    • Develop various metrics to monitor the health of the business on a regular basis
    • Support ad-hoc management reporting and analysis; produce and distribute recurring and ad hoc financial management reports
    • KPI development and dashboard design

    Data Analysis As Service

    Unlock Insight from your data

    • Data profiling and cleanse
    • Data reconciliation
    • Pattern Identification and detect trends on data
    • Recommendation generation
    • Forecasting
    • Data visualization
    • Churn analysis
    • Text mining
    • Customer Segmentation
  • Onsite Training

    When you hire us to train your team in business analytics, you are NOT purchasing a generic classroom experience. Instead, you are hiring the experienced Analytics practitioners to BECOME a member of your team for one or two days.

    Rather than using sample data sets and training scripts, we will use your existing data sets and business problems as the framework for teaching everything from fundamentals through advanced techniques. This ultra-relevant approach maximizes your team’s engagement and retention, while simultaneously solving your first wave of business problems.

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    How we have helped our clients:

    Vermis Analytics can be leveraged for projects of any size, from analysis of a single Excel file to terabytes of complex link information. Our pay-for-deliverables business model allows us greater flexibility to make sure our clients get exactly what they need.


    Our analytics experts offer a combination of industry, functional, and analytics expertise that allow us to develop consistent high-performing results.


    Here are a few examples of how we work with our clients to help them navigate complex business issues and achieve high performance;

  • Cost Containment


    A managed care organization with 30,000 members and 5,000 medical providers, found it difficult to identify provider overpayments. With rising medical costs and increased competition, minimizing and recovering overpayments was of paramount importance.



    Deploy a full-featured strategy to include claims scoring, predictive analytics, and rules-based detection technologies. Search across multiple data variables, timeframes, and data from many different sources.



    Implementing the stated analytics resulted in the Recovery of $975k in overpayments made in the last two years.


    NEXT: Uberprenuer

    Uberprenuer in Miami


    As Uber is aggressively pursing the Miami-Dade market by offering low rates to its customers. An Uberprenuer (a.k.a. Uber Driver) was concerned with the reduced rates and was wondered if UBER was still a feasible business for him as the perfect part-time job.



    Determine the average hourly earning and cost per mile. Additionally, identify days and hours which would maximize earnings.



    Analysis indicated that 67% of earnings occurred between the first and last week of every month. Three slots offered the best hours to work ; 4:30- 7:30 am, 3:30pm - 8:30am, and finally between 9:30 and 11:00 pm. The best locations were Mid-Beach, Brickell and Midtown. Our algorithm suggests that by using this information to re-focus efforts, the uberprenuer could earn 20% more while working less hours.


    NEXT: Customer Attrition

    Customer Attrition


    A company which sold consumer products to around 1000 customers noticed an attrition amongst regular clientele. After 4-5 months, the consumers ceased buying products from them and obviously, chose to make their purchase somewhere else. A way to identify and intervene with at-risk customers was needed.



    A data analysis tool was created to identify decreases in customer buying patterns during the early phases of attrition. This information allowed sales staff make contact and attempt to preserve the business. Contact provided them with valuable information on the reasons for customers taking their business elsewhere.



    Previously, the company would lose 3-4 customers every 4 months. With the implementation of customer buying analysis, the attrition rate was cut in half and valuable customer satisfaction data was gained.


    NEXT: Product Personification

    Product Personalization


    A e-commerce site had registered visitors, but was not collecting gender data, targeted campaigns. A need to identify registrants gender was hindered by the respecting of people's privacy.




    An algorithm was written to analyze responses to various questions. This information was used to determine the gender of registered users without asking them directly.



    Profiling customers by gender allowed the company to design specific offers and marketing campaigns. These were much more effective than the 'shotgun' approach.Customers were presented with offers that were likely to be more appealing to them.


    NEXT: M&A Due Diligence

    M&A Due diligence




    When evaluating a concern for possible purchase, it is prudent to review 5 years of financials. The dilemma is that data are contained in flat files by 12 month grouping. This makes it a tedious job to consolidate multiple reports for analysis.



    A better determination of the long –term viability of the prospective acquisition was gained through creation of aggregate data. This allowed the more expedient evaluation of multiple years’ information.



    Through faster evaluation of financial performance data, purchasing decisions were made more quickly. This allowed the fund to make smart, quick purchases with confidence.


    NEXT: Cross & Selling

    Cross & Upselling


    Product recommendations and cross-selling are essential to succeed in the aggressive world of online retailing. However their implementation and subsequent measurement can be somewhat difficult.



    Developed a transparent algorithms in which the e-retailer have 100% control of the recommendations that each visitor sees and e-retailer can target recommendation to key audience segments



    The conversion rate increased 35% while the average order values were up by 50%.


    NEXT: Credit Card Payments

    Payment Reconciliation


    With $4m in monthly credit card transactions and three different payers, A/R reconciliation was not only time-consuming and frustrating, but posed a problem for timely management of unpaid invoices. On many occasions, accounting used a 20% estimated A/R to facilitate the monthly closing. It was left to hope that the receivables would be paid within 2 months.



    Reduce monthly closing cycle to 3 days, allowing accountant to perform other areas of analysis. Identify and resolve order issues to receive payment within 3 days of ordering and subsequently, increase monthly cash flow. Negotiate better terms with credit card processing company.



    By leveraging a big data solution, the e-commerce company was able to reconcile from credit card company authorization to bank disbursement. Every invoice payment was traceable In addition, it addressed issues with canceled orders and re-stocking within the same day.


    NEXT: Basket Analysis

    Basket Analysis


    A convenience store was struggling to compete against a superstore in its neighborhood. The market’s store manager was the sole input for the store layout, purchasing and promotions. Each week, there were fewer customers and they were buying less. How can a 3000 square foot supermarket compete with 16000 square foot mega-mart?



    Create a set of reports for core market basket analysis. Use transaction level data as the foundation for a new data model. Analyze data by the week, store and item levels. Additionally, report the top selling items that were included in an Ad and associated products, and identify top selling items for a promotional campaign.



    This analytical tool allowed the market owner to effectively plan his store layout and rack arrangements, resulting in a 10% increase in quarterly sales of the top selling items.


    NEXT: Cost Containment


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