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Accounting & Finance

Get accurate, fast and unique insights from your financial data

Let Your Data Take Your Accounting and Finance teams to Higher Grounds

We help Accounting and Finance departments to apply analytics to their activities such  safeguarding assets, cash flow management, understanding and managing risk, financial reporting, interpreting performance and general financial planning and analysis. In addition to these central activities to the function, we help CFOs and Controllers to move away from transactional activities towards influencing and shaping business strategies through data-driven approach.

Strategic Advice

No longer is it enough for the Accounting and Finance to be the steward of the organization. They are now firmly established as the right-hand person to the CEO.

Decision Support

Without the ability to analyze and understand multiple scenarios, it is impossible for Accounting and Finance teams  to successfully deliver value to their companies and be strategic advisors.

Reporting & Analysis

In an uncertain financial environment, it is more important than ever to have the most up to date real-time data on hand to help them make quick, and most importantly, correct decisions about the strategic direction of the business.

Transactional Activities

By streamlining core accounting and finance processes through advanced analytics, these teams can collaborate with other executives to gather comprehensive insights for analysis and identify new business models and growth strategies.

Challenges We Had Solved with
Unprecedented Velocity,
Impeccable Reliability.


A managed care organization with 45,000 members and 8,000 medical providers, found it difficult to identify provider overpayments. With rising medical costs and increased competition, minimizing and recovering overpayments was of paramount importance..


With $9m in monthly credit card transactions and three different payers, A/R reconciliation was not only time-consuming and frustrating, but posed a problem for timely management of unpaid invoices. On many occasions, accounting used a 20% estimated A/R to facilitate the monthly closing. It was left to hope that the receivables would be paid within 2 months.

Hedge Fund

During a  $ 75M acquisition, a buyer needs to aggregate and analyze  5 years financial and non-financial data from multiple companies in two week, including social media sentiments or “hidden” patterns within news articles.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience




Cost Reduction


Revenue Increase


Records Review in Audits

Our Approach

  • People

  • Process

  • Technology

  • Hindsight

  • Insight

  • Foresight

  • Easy to Deploy

  • Intuitive

  • Knowledge Tranfer

  • Value-driven

  • Innovation

Are You Ready to Apply Analytics to Your Accounting and Finance Data?

Organizations are amassing a tremendous amount of data insight that can increase sales, profitability, and productivity. Accounting and Finance are the trusted gatekeeper of this competitive advantage.But, this depends entirely on if you know how... We turn data into actionable insights and transform information into a strategic asset that will help you develop greater value and results.

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